Aurora Donna Bonner

About Me

I tell stories and make art.

I’ve been called many things in my life, mostly Aurora. I’m interested in writing and reading experimental non-fiction. Abstract concepts, lyrical prose, eccentricism.

I work at a small, liberal arts college in northeastern Pennsylvania where there are outdoor classrooms and hiking trails at the foot of the library. I value nature only less than people. People in transition fascinate me, and college is oh-so transitional. Learning is transitional.

And, I write.

My personal narrative, Last Supper, recently won first place in the creative non-fiction contest at the Pennsylvania Writers Conference. I am pursuing my MFA in Creative Non-Fiction through Wilkes University’s low-residency Creative Writing program.

Homegrown and homemade.

I’m also a coffee snob, outdoors enthusiast, yogi, gardener, and Montessori momma. Free ranged on a country road near you, I like to challenge convention and must be an artist to be happy.

Art is storytelling. Story is life.

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